srf02, diecimila and short blink

I have a big problem, it's drive me crazy....

I have 2 srf02 range detector, I try to use it with my arduino diecimila, i have connected +5 and gnd and the sda to pin 4 and sdc to 5 (analog in of course...) but when i connect the usb the srf02 blink rapidly (looks in short but one of these is brand new) and don't me...please...

no way?

Can you tell us more about your setup, such as a schematics and/or the sketch source code?


I,ve just connected an SRF02 to my Ardinio in I2C mode. I think the issue here is in the adressing, at least I had that problem. The default address is 0xE0 but you should use 0x70 due to 7 bit addressing. Try it with just one attached first. Later you can change address on one of them.

Wire.beginTransmission(112); // transmit to device #112 (0x70) etc

B.R. ToBe