SRF05 range finder for obstacle avoidance

I am planning to use one SRF05 range finder with a rotating servo to scan the surrounding to detect any near object for obstacle avoidance on my quadrotor. I would like to know is this approach practical and have anyone tried this approach for obstacle avoidance before?


How fast does the quadcopter move? The distance sensor does not have a real long range.

Your vehicle could be blind as a Bat.

The speed of the quadrotor should be quite slow. It will propably be use to detect object for less than 1metre. The specification of this SRF05 sensor said that the range for this sensor is from a few centimeter to maximum 3metre. Is it really possible to measure up to 3metre?

H, Cool.. please show us some photos of your project sometime, maybe in another thread...

Also, I am trying out a couple of different methods of rotating a sensor 360 degrees with a 120 degree or so servo. Want to avoid hard-to-get stuff like gears.

Seen and good level-based approaches. I'm leaning toward servo arms push-pull string to round rod supporting sensor.

What are you doing??