SRF10 Mounting Kit Specs

I need every dimension for the SRF10 Mounting Kit; I’m going to make a stereo lithography document to print on our school’s Dimension bst 1200 3D printer. Does anyone know where I can find all the dimensions for that mount, or any other one that will fit a standard ultrasonic ranger and work with a standard servo? Thanks in advance.

Mounting the SRF10
You may have notice that there are no mounting holes on the SRF10 module! That was deliberate to keep the module as small as possible. So how do you mount it? Here are three suggestions:

  1. A straight or right angle 0.1 inch connector soldered to your PCB.
  2. Using two 9.5mm rubber grommets. Two holes should be drilled into the panel you’re mounting the SRF10 to. The hole centers should be 0.7inches (17.78mm) apart and the holes drilled 0.5 inches (12.7mm) in diameter. The two grommets should then be fitted to the panel and the SRF10 gently pushed into them.
  3. Using our SRF10 Mounting Kit, shown below.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I’m using Parallax’s ‘Ping)))’ sensor; it has two mounting holes diagonal from each other; I think the spacing is kind-of a standard (some other ultrasonic rangers have those holes in the same position & the same distance from each other to keep mounting hardware universal for rangers with two transducers). I guess I could just take a few measurements and create the stereo lithography document from scratch…