srfo8 and wire. anything

Has anyone used a srf08 range finder with an arduino. I have found code for literally every other controller except arduino. I used the wiring library for i2c communication and found this code, (see below) but it won’t compile in arduino. When I try I get a ton of syntax errors and then it says it can’t determine file size. Im using the analogue ports 4,5 for the data send/receive line and the master clock, has anyone used these ports for slaving/controlling other IC’s, is this info real, where am I, who said that?.. ?
Any help would be great’

//- SRF08 code-------------------

#include <TwoWire.h>

void setup()
Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master)
Serial.begin(19200); // start serial communication at 19200bps
int reading = 0;
void loop()
// step 1: instruct sensor to read echoes
Wire.beginTransmission(112); // transmit to device #112 (0x70)
// the address specified in the datasheet is 224 (0xE0)
// but i2c adressing uses the high 7 bits so it’s 112
Wire.send(0x00); // sets register pointer to the command register (0x00)
Wire.send(0x51); // command sensor to measure in cm (0x51)
// use 0x52 for ping microseconds
Wire.endTransmission(); // stop transmitting

// step 2: wait for readings to happen
delay(70); // datasheet suggests at least 65 milliseconds

// step 3: instruct sensor to return a particular echo reading
Wire.beginTransmission(112); // transmit to device #112
Wire.send(0x02); // sets register pointer to echo #1 register (0x02)
Wire.endTransmission(); // stop transmitting

// step 4: request reading from sensor
Wire.requestFrom(112, 2); // request 2 bytes from slave device #112

// step 5: receive reading from sensor
if(2 <= Wire.available()) // if two bytes were received
reading = Wire.receive(); // receive high byte (overwrites previous reading)
reading = reading << 8; // shift high byte to be high 8 bits
reading |= Wire.receive(); // receive low byte as lower 8 bits
Serial.println(reading); // print the reading

delay(250); // wait 250ms

got it working. no worries :)

excellent-- did you see that the code above in included in Arduino 006, along with the Arduino verison of the Wire library, but now called "wire.h"?

@john henry:

i've tried to use a srf08 too but failed...

first you've postet you've got syntax errors but you got it to work later... can you post the working code please... and a photo of your hardwaresetup would be nice too... so people can the the wiring and extraparts... would be nice... thx peter