SSC32-U servo glitch

I have what is probably a stupid question. I'm using 28 micro servos being controlled by an SSC32-U. On power up, some of the servos randomly glitch to one of the extents of their travel. Once the program begins to execute, everything works normally.

The challenge is that the mechanics of the installation were not designed to support full servo travel, and the servos occasionally self-destruct.

Is there any way to prevent this behavior??

thanks and apologize if this has either been covered elsewhere (I did search) or is super obvious.

Don't know how you have the board powered and what options you have for the logic power but the board has 3 power inputs. 2 are power inputs for each bank of servos and the other is for the logic.

The logic power for the board can be powered from one of the servos power bank or from a separate logic power input.

Maybe have a switch for the power to the servos and a switch for the logic supply.

Turn the logic power on first to let the board start producing the servo signals then turn the power on for the servos. Reverse to turn off.

Is an arduino involved with the servo controller? Is the servo behavior displayed when only the servo controller is powered up? What are you using for power to the servo controller?