sscanf Virtual Wire Help

I am converting 2 doubles to string and then sending a string over virtual wire and then trying to split the received data back into 2 separate variables using the sscanf function below. I have checked the buffer and it is receiving the data properly however when I try print the value of RHData or TempData a 0 is displayed, any help

sscanf(RfRx, "%d,%d", &RHData, &TempData);

No one uses a text string to transmit binary data...

We like to see the whole sketch. There is even a website made for you:

I am converting 2 doubles to string

The sscanf() function is using an integer format specifier to parse the string (or what we have to assume is a properly NULL terminated string. If the string does not contain integers, or the types of the variables to store the data in are not int, then the behavior you are seeing is the expected behavior.

I am converting 2 doubles to string

It won’t work to read them back using integer format specifiers, and by default (s)scanf and (s)printf don’t support doubles on Arduino.