SSD1289 3.2" TFT. UTFT libraries and Itead megashield

Just a kwik note to say the SSD1289 3.2" TFT with SD card on the back (Sainsmart) works like a charm with no modifications using the Iteadstudios Mega shield and all the UTFT libraries. (UTFT, utouch, uButtons and Ugeometry) !! :)

Hi there, I'm new to Arduino and this forum - so please don't behead me if I ask silly questions :~ I got myself this very LCD display and downloaded the UTFT and the UTOUCH library. However I don't get the samples compiled because the function "rbi" appears to be not known. I searched the internet and can't find any reference to rbi. Appreciate any help Thomas

Hi Thomas. Don't worry about your head. I'm still an arduino novice and even if I were an absolute master I wouldn't be a t**t just because someone else was new....Where is rbi showing up in the code? Are you trying the demo examples? If you could post the piece of code where it shows it I might be able to help... Paste up the offending piece of code and I'll have a look....

Cheers,\ Steve.(mubase)

Hi Steve

that’s what I get when trying to compile the example:

In file included from /Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/UTouch.cpp:22:
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/hardware/avr/ In member function ‘word UTouch::touch_ReadData()’:
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/hardware/avr/ error: ‘rbi’ was not declared in this scope
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/UTouch.cpp: In member function ‘void UTouch::read()’:
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/UTouch.cpp:84: error: ‘rbi’ was not declared in this scope
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/UTouch.cpp: In member function ‘bool UTouch::dataAvailable()’:
/Users/calvin/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ArduinoParty/UTouch.cpp:132: error: ‘rbi’ was not declared in this scope

so the rbi function appears quite often
any ideas?

Hi Thomas! First off, are you using DUE and Arduino 1.5.4?? Which version/board are you using??

OK, as a suggestion I would try moving the UTFT libraries from documents /arduino to the libraries folder inside the arduino application folder.... that could be your problem as the utouch library needs the hardware folder which is also inside the arduino application folder..... let me know if it works. Cheers! Steve.

Hi Mubase,

I was wondering if you could attach your libraries (buttons and geometry please)