SSD1289 vs ILI9325

Hi all !
I'm searching for an LCD screen and found ones based on SSD1289 and ILI9325.
ILI9325 is only using 8 bit interface, which seems best to avoid to much wiring and using nearly all Arduino pins, but everyone seems to use the SSD1289 ones.
Which are the advantages and drawback of the two ones?
Is update speed correct even with 8 bit interface?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Since you do not seem to be familiar with lcd displays do you mind if I ask if you
have already purchased the lcd for which you have no information and how much did you pay ?

I have not purchased yet any of these color LCD.
I've seen this nice tutorial for the ILI one:
But I'm wandering if 8 bit has any drawbacks.

My best wishes would be to reuse my eink display as I like eink rendering a lot. But it seems quite unprobable (see my other post on this subject).

Please provide a link to your other post so i can view it.
I have no experience with color displays but a lot of experience buying online.
Don't buy anything online that costs more than $1.00 without first tracking down the documentation.
Case in point. One gentleman purchased a very nice (looking) lcd for $52 , presumably because it was
purported to be from a Honeywell Alarm system. To the uninformed , this might seem like a plus,
however, the fact that it was used in a security system which may still have thousands or millions of
units still in service, it is quite unlikely that anyone associated with either the manufacturer or the
customers would make available any documentation on the wiring of the system. This of course does
not rule out the rogue tech who posts said info online but a company the size and reputation of
Honeywell would have required said tech to sign a NDS (Non-Disclosure Statement) which would
have severe penalties for releasing said info. Suffice it to say, not even Google was able to help
finding ANY documentation WHATSOEVER on said system.

Here it is: Eink screen - Displays - Arduino Forum
Don't worry, I always verify I can use things before I buy them. I've found the screens on ebay shops, just waiting some information to choose the good controller model.

The link on the page you linked to is dead. There is no information on the display on the other page
and that link doesn't work. We can't help you until you provide us with the information. Giving us
a link is a step in the right direction but you are asking for our help. It would expedite things if you'
just upload the datasheet and photos of the display on your next post.

Hi Raschemmel,
The links are working perfectly for me, please check your connection.
I'm just asking others preferences on choosing a display driver chip between 16bit SSD and 8bit ILI.

I have an ILI9325 LCD 8 bit, want to share my experience. I tried couple of libraries and saw filling screen with a color takes alot of time which i suprised me. So i dig deeper and tried to understand the codes. At the moment my conclusion is speed is very directly related with the ability to deliver data through 8 bits.
So the major difference between SSD1289(16) vs ILI9325 (8) would be speed i guess.

Both chips do the same things, but with a different set of registers. The breakout
board gets to choose whether serial, 8bit parallel or 16bit parallel is selected and
pinned-out. If you have libraries for both there's no big difference I think. UTFT
has support for both I believe.

For such a small screen serial it is good enough in practice if you drive it from the
hardware SPI at full speed, fewer pins needed.

If you want to drive a parallel screen using fewer pins you can use a 75HC595 (or
a pair of them for 16bit), again driven from the SPI hardware, to talk to all the
data lines. However this prevents doing a read from the display, you get write-only
control, but that's usually fine.

If you have a 3.3V screen be sure to use level converters.

Hi Umu and MarkT,
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for my late answer.
I've seen on this link that I can also modify an SSD1289 lcd to use the 8bit mode : 320x240 LCD with integrated SSD1289 controller - Page 5 - Raspberry Pi Forums