ssd1306 (128x64) why most image sizes doesnt work below 128x64 size?


I am struggling to understand why most image sizes doesnt work below 128x64 size. I am using Adafruit libary and ssd1306 display


I did a simple image 109x36 with PAINT in monocrome. Then I used LCD Asistant to create the hex code of the image. This is the main coding line: display.drawBitmap(0,0,test109x36,109,36,WHITE);

The image result in the sdd1306 is a mess, with chaotic dots and lines

....buuut when I went down to 104x36 in "w" and "h" in the code: display.drawBitmap(0,0,test109x36,104,36,WHITE)

I got the correct image but with 104 width.

So, why I cant use any size image I want below 128x64 with ssd1306 + Adafruit? Does anybody know what must be the ratio between the width and the height?

Thank you!

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If you can't wait until then . . . post your code.