SSD1306 OLED with potentiometer input and servo output

Hello All,

First time posting here and hoping for some advice. I'm trying to use a Nano, 10k potentiometer, servo, and 1.3" OLED display.

My goal is to display potentiometer percentage (0-5v on A0) on the SSD1306 OLED in percentage and control the servo with the same analog input. I have no issues doing this with the 16x2 LCD display. My only problem is using the SSD1306 OLED (libraries seem limited). All I need is numeric display and percentage sign. I've tried adafruit ssd1306 and GFX as well as OzOLED with no luck.

Am I missing something that is easily achieved or are the libraries out there not enough to complete this project? I am not well versed in C++ programming.

Thanks in advance, it is appreciated.

Post a photo of the display showing the pinouts.

I’m using I2C to communicate. I had to change the address to 0X3C to make it work. Please see attached. Thanks.

Have you been able to display any characters at all?.

Does this have a 3.3 or 5v interface? If it is a 3.3v interface, are you using level shifters?

Yes, I have. I can display using the generic adafruit library as well as the ozoled library.

I'm guessing that you need some code to convert an int to a character array that is compatible with the driver.


The display here shows a % sign.

Tom… :slight_smile: