ssd1322 elod displays

:o Got one of these ~6 months ago and finally got around to connecting it up.

IMO these are one of the best displays around!

Mine is 3.12" and sports 256*64 pixels and each pixel can either be 1BPP or 4BPP.

I have mine connected to an Adruino Due refreshing it via DMA and using a highly optimized bitmap library which really makes this thing shine.

I have no problems doing full screen animations at > 25 fps and the 16 color grayscale (4 bit) is just so bright and clear.

Using one for my Roboclock project and eventually will lash out and get the 5" one. There is also a 256*128 version that is basically 2 256*64's hooked up together into a single screen.

I have a program that makes 4 bit grayscale fonts that work great and results in much smoother fonts for next to no effort. I've also managed to convert HD greenscreen wipes into 256*128 grayscale and use them for screen wipes and transitions. Was going to attach a photo or video but damn camera battery is flat.

Other thing to note is on a lot of videos they seem flashy with strobing etc... this is not the case and the 16 grayscale levels are very clear.

I'm also hoping in the future the 5"+ ones are cheaper as I would like one large enough so the time could be read at a reasonable distance.