ssd1963+tft01+mega 5 inch touch problem

I bought a TFT screen and shield and arduino mega.

The screen works fine and sd card too, but the touch works rarely.

I use external 5v 8A power supply for the arduino. The TFT doesn’t get more dedicated power.

I trired many many example from the GUI but, the touch work very hectic.

Calibrated with pen. When the touch works, it is very precise.

It works once at 10 reboots.

UTFT myGLCD(SSD1963_800, 38,39,40,41)
URTouch myTouch(6,5,4,3,2);

Any Ideas?

How are you powering it? Are you using the usb port or the dc jacket?

  1. Power it using the usb port from a 5v power supply
  2. Power it using the dc jacket using a 7v-9v power supply.

If you applied 5v to the dc jacket then you will have insufficient power.

Some LCD shield has dedicated 5v input for hooking up external 5v source. USB most likely won't be enough to handle 5" or bigger shield off Mega or Uno and generally voltage regulator won't work if the input is 5v, it'd need to be about 7v or more.