SSOP to DIP adaptor


I am using this LTC1859 ADC. Its in SSOP package. Is there any SSOP to DIP adaptor where I can avoid soldering? I would like to avoid soldering, it would be my last option though.


You at some point have to solder the SSOP onto the adaptor.

Thank you Larry for the help.

I was looking for something like this

This adapter does not need soldering I guess.

Good find. For use with an ADC you may have issues with resistive connections to the pins since they are pressure fit, not soldered. For $70.00 I would solder it in.


LTC1859 is ~$20/ea. I think I can understand why you'd like to avoid soldering! I'd suggest you poke around on Digikey and try to find a cheap part in an SSOP package for soldering practice.

With respect to adapters, SSOP is about half the size of SOIC. I think you'd be paying quite a bit for something that can handle pins that are that much smaller.

Try these guys - they'll put the little chips on DIP adapters for you. If you haven't purchased the ICs yet, they can do that too.

I have a sop8 & sop16 adapters, you drop the chip in which grabs it with a spring and then drop it into your breadboard, no soldering required.

Thanks. This is a great option. But I am not able to find 28 pin ssop adaptor. They seem to have only 8 pin adaptor.