SSR & Flourecent starters.

hi guys, Im trying to switch some flourecent tubes for my aquarium using SSR's the problem iv got is when the arduino switches the SSR off the starter stays dimly lit. Also the tube dims to off rather then just goes off.

is this caused by leackage current? the max is 14ma. i have a slight supsission that the relays are a copy due to their cheap price. Opto 22 240D25-17 SSR £7 compared to the £22 from RS and the logo looks differnt from all the images from google.

should i be worried by the starter bin lit all the time? i am planning to run pumps and a heater will this dammage them. i have no problem with resitive lamps

is this caused by leackage current?

Probably yes. The discharge is maintained by a small leakage current. The leakage current is a function of the SCR or TRIAC used in the SSR so another design might give better results. Other things to try is to switch two lights in parallel so the leakage current could be halved, or a smaller rated SSR as the larger current ones also tend to have the higher leakage current. I can't see it doing much harm to the lamp though, it might even go out if it is cold.