SSR for AC Invertor

Hi, I am making programmable AC invertor using H bridge SSR & arduino mega. I need help in control circuit. SSR of 4-32v Dc input & 0-200vdc, 16amp. I unable to control using pwm as I send value less than 100 SSR output will be zero. Between 255 to 110 analog value I can control magnitude. Please help me in this regards.

What is the model number of you SSR? Some SSRs are limited to low frequency and/or have minimum pulse width. Have you tried driving it at different PWM frequencies?

Are you trying to convert DC voltage to AC voltage, such as for an AC appliance? or are you trying to regulate the DC voltage on the output?

In general SSRs replace mechanical relays and only low speed operation is intended. High power nverters are
tricky to design as with all high power power-electronics - protection circuitry is everything, since most
(even momentary) failure modes tend to result in exploded active devices, you have to catch all
the failure modes and protect against them for a chance of a circuit that lasts in the field.

The simplest inverters use push-pull DC driver into a transformer and assume the transformer core won't