SSR Furnace Elements + Thermocouple

I am somewhat of newbie when it comes to electronics. I'm looking at using an Arduino Mega 2560 to turn a furnace element on and off from the temperature it reaches, pretty much a PID.
Instead of me buying a PID I was wondering if I could make one with an Arduino?

I've been following the Bare Bones (PID) Coffee Controller :
and these are the schematics
The AD595 is a thermocouple amplifier seems simple to setup.

The SSR I'm going to be using is here

It states it needs 3-32 volts to trigger; though reading the pdf it states "INPUT:Min. ON / OFF Voltage: ON< 4.25V"
also that it needs a current of 12mA.

The furnace elements are rated at 240 volts 15amps and YES SAFETY comes first!
(Starting this project I would test a simple thing like turning a light on and off first before wiring any elements.)


  1. I was wondering if the SSR I provided would be as simple enough to connect to the digital pin on the Arduino?

  2. If I cannot connect the SSR to the Arduino, how could I get this setup to work?

Many thanks,

reading the pdf it states "INPUT:Min. ON / OFF Voltage: ON< 4.25V"

That looks like a typo. It says "ON< 4.25V , OFF <1.5V" which is non-sensical; they probably mean "ON > 4.25" which would be fine with a 5V Arduino.