SSR Trigger using controller

I have an application where I need to turn on and Off SSR(16 channel) based on the Thermocouple feedback.
What I thought is to connect the positive pin of SSR with 24V and negative pin of SSR to directly to the controller's GPIO(16).
I have seen few of the design where they use separate IC as driver like ULN series or using Transistor or using TIP121 Darlington series.
Which one do you suggest?
I believe it's okay to directly connect to GPIO.

Maybe start looking here:

What load are you switching ? Not all SSRs support DC loads.
An arduino pin (with suitable resistor) should be able to handle at least an optically isolated SSR.
Where does the Arduino fit in? Between the thermocouple and the Relay ?

The Load will be an AC(Heater).
Yes. Reading temperature from Thermocouple through Arduino and Based on the Temperature Turning ON/OFF the Heater.
Since I have bit constraints on the cost of this project, I'm thinking of controlling the SSR input(negative input) using GPIO (yea with suitable resistor) instead driver circuit.

Post link to the SSR you are intending to use. Are you simply switching the heater on and off for a significant period or attempting to control the heat output by switching it on on for only part of an AC cycle?

It'll be just controlling i.e. Turning ON and OFF.