ST7032i I2C LCD Display Driver - ESP8266

If you need for your ESP Projects a LCD Display, might worth to take in consideration also ST7032i.
It has I2C compatible interface, so less data pins used.

A driver with basic functions implemented few days ago and it’s working nice & stable.

For more details:

Youtube Test Video : LCD Display test Video

ST7032i - 0 - Display -0.jpg

ST7032i - 2_2 - Display CBDB Board - 2_2.jpg

ST7032i - 4 - Display 2 Lines - 4.jpg

ST7032i - 3 - RUN Hello_World Values- 3.jpg

These solution is for Lui uploader.
I’m using NodeMCU 1.0 and try with original ST7032 library with those 2 changes.
Line 32 //#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
Line 91 Wire.begin(0, 2); //set SDA & SCL pin

After that I get C and Data signal on LCD display, but (during writing string) data byte is always the same and 1 bit is overwrite from display, so SDA is during one of the CLK periode at aprox. 2V.
There is nothing on display