ST7565 128x64 lcd refresh rate

first post here and i would like to say i'm still new to the arduino family with very little experience.
I am using an arduino pro mini to control a ST7565 lcd screen 128x64. I am working with the u8g2 library (GitHub - olikraus/u8g2: U8glib library for monochrome displays, version 2).
Does anyone know if there is any way to control the refresh rate of the screen,or is it hard wired and there is nothing i can do about it? The ideal thing would be to completely get rid of the refresh rate and have a static image for the project i am working on.Searching on the web i have found nothing of relevance and all evidence seems to point to the fact that it probably can't be done.
Does anyone have any knowledge about this that could help me?
Thank you guys for your time.

The ST7565 includes RAM and generates the timing and refresh for the display. This works independently from the Arduino. The refresh rate is somehow fixed, but can be modified a little bit (if I remember correctly).

What exactly is your problem?