ST7687S lcds COG-C144MVGD-XX

hey guys ive been looking into driveing a little lcd found in mini photoframes after i seen a post on hackaday
after a few days ive found datasheet and the code that was made by simon might work as alot of the “LCD Controller Commands” are the same but the code is for avrstudio5, so im not sure how to move the code over for arduino? or even if i did if it would work.

heres the avr code

i tried to covert it for arduino but failed heres a link to my work

i have a little pcb i etched so i could play with it but without code i caint :frowning: lol
any help would be great

oh forgot

the datasheet is here for the controler

and the lcd datasheet is here, i know this little lcd could work but i just dont know how to code it , it would be great if someone could give me a hand :) the lcd comes from a mini photoframe that is sold from Jaycar here in aus

EDIT: this one could be solved soon, olikraus the genius may be able to add this screen to his wounderfull U8glib xD