St7735 0.96" 160x80 weird offset

As you can see in the photo, I set the rotation to 3(which doesn't really seem to matter) and then printed "123456789" on cursor 0,0 but the offset doesn't seem to be right. I'm getting these weird noise pixels on the bottom and the right. I'm using adafruit st7735&st7789 library. Anyone know why?

The problem may be in the code that you have not posted [HINT]

This apparent problem has to do with the variables _colstart and _rowstart, which in turn are related to the type and size of TFT: GREENTAB, BLACKTAB, REDTAB and different variants

Perhaps you should test your code with another variant of TFT, which adapts correctly to your screen. If none of them work for you, you could generate your own variant, defining the correct values for _colstart and _rowstart


Thanks I solved it by changing those two values of the INITR_MINI160x80 option

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