ST7735 + card reader + BMP error


We are using Elegoo Mega 2560 R3 with "AZDelivery 128 x 160 Pixels 1.8 Pouces ST7735 TFT SPI", and "AZDelivery SPI Card Reader".
Following this post "Draw Bitmap Images on ST7735 TFT with Arduino and SD Card", card is detected, screen is going on, and bmp image is read :

22:4:15.917 -> Loading image 'TIGRE.BMP'
22:4:15.940 -> File size: 61494
22:4:15.987 -> Image Offset: 54
22:4:15.987 -> Header size: 40
22:4:16.007 -> Bit Depth: 24
22:4:16.007 -> Image size: 128x160
22:4:16.672 -> Loaded in 822 ms

Howerver nothing displays correctly, we get pixelized screen (see attachment).

What could be wrong ?

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The Tutorial in your link shows lots of 1k series resistors. And it also has a pullup on the RST line.

If you follow a Tutorial, you should follow it exactly.
Or at least ask if you can take a short cut.



Tx for replying.
Resistors have been placed with same result.

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