ST7735S Tearing effect

Hello, I have been using the ST7735S Display controller with a 0.96 inch LCD. I wanted to know how to use the tearing effect output line. Should I just make the tearing effect ON and then read the tearing effect output line. Then only perform SPI write when it is low?

Also, my 0.96 inch LCD does not show any Tearing effect output line exposed. So how is this done?

Regards, SS

If you do not have any visible tearing effect there is little point in worrying. If there is no access to the physical pin, you would not be able to do anything anyway.

I have never seen a 0.96" ST7735. Google says they are 3.3V 80x160. It looks as if the Backlight is switchable. So you can switch off the backlight and sleep the ST7735. This will minimise the power consumption.


Hi, Thanks for the reply. The ST7735S is 80*160. The controller is connected to a 0.96inch LCD display. I did try and switch off the backlight and put the display in sleep and the current consumption was reduced.

Regards, Shyam