Stabilization on a drone using mpu9250


I am making a quadcopter with a mpu9250. I am currently implementing a auto-level system, I want to try and make it very robust and "easy to fly" so I want it to be completely steady (as steady as possible) when you drop the steering joystick. My current system locks the drone to the magnetic field of earth and makes the gyro stabilize, but my problem is that it drifts sideways with the wind, I am wondering if GPS is the best solution or if you can use the accelerometer in a smart way to make it locked on point.

Thanks beforehand!
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A GPS gives You the absolute position but using an accelerometer You would need to integrate the accelerations. Hard to say but the accelerometer data sounds like a good way to quickly handle small deviations, gusts, but using GPS You can check Your integration,

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Most GPS modules isn’t that precise (2m +) but it may be okay depending on how precise the placement should be.

An accelerometer if implemented correctly probably be more precise and faster reaction time.

Maybe a combination of the two?

Good luck with the project:)

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Did your mpu9250 come in the mail yet?


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It is coming this week :slight_smile:

Take a look at iforce2d on youtube as he does a lot of experimental work with all kinds of aircraft including drones.
Remember something coming up about sensor drift in one of his videos.

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