Stacking Mega shield on top of Uno shield

Hi all, I've recently 'upgraded' a project I'm working on from an Uno to a Mega. I also have moved from a 4x20 char display to a 320 x 240 graphical LCD.

The problem I have is that I have a Uno-sized GSM shield I am wanting to use. The gLCD comes with a Mega-sized shield to run it and the LCD goes on top.

So I need to stack in the following order:

(top) LCD Mega-sized LCD shield Uno-sized GSM shield Arduino Mega controller (bottom)

The LCD shield needs the additional 2x18 row of pins on the end of the Mega to run it. So I was thinking of trying to 'bridge' the gap from the Mega on the bottom to the LCD shield with some stacking headers. Does that make sense? ie. the GSM shield does not cover those pins, so I should be able to bridge past it.

Unless anyone knows of any other solutions to the problem?


Sure, use 2 sets if you need to, trim the leg lengths to match the gap distance if needed.

You can get 1x8 & 1x10 headers here. Use 2 of each.