Stacking Shields


I'm finally starting to get used to the Arduino! As I get more involved with projects that require more modules, I've found myself blocked by the fact that there are only 2 voltage pins and 3 GND ports on my Uno.

I was wondering if I could stack multiple shields on top of each other so that I could preserve my GND/Voltage ports for modules that didn't have shields. If this wasn't an option, is there any way I could set up one/multiple Arduinos to be able to power multiple modules?

Yes. You have the flexibility to make a customized system with multiple boards. It is not easy. I just use DB-25 connectors between my 4 boards. I stacked onto an Arduino Due for a vertically stacked layer, but after that, I expanded horizontally with DB-25 connectors.

Check out various prototyping shields.

Check out various prototyping shields.

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