I seriouly need some coding help, im totally blank when it comes to coding, i tryied donloading exsamples, but its not quite what i look for..
i have a a strip for 299 leds, and 2 motion sensors, and the Arduino Uno, it might be simple coding for some, but im lost, can someone help me build it, and whit some effects, it needs to light up the stairs i a awsome way, and then after 15-20 sec, turn of, allso in a nice way, fade maybe?
By any chance someone have some code or can help me out or guide me, i would be so happy :slight_smile:

it needs to light up the stairs i a awsome way

That is hardly an implementable requirement. Try something more realistic as the first goal, then you can expand on it.

As a start, simply turn all the lights on when one motion sensor is triggered.

Then, learn how to turn them off some time later, without using delay().

Then, learn how to fade the LEDs up from off to full brightness. Then, fade them down to turn them off.

Then, learn how to make them some on one at a time starting from the end that the motion sensor sensed motion.

Then, add "awesome effects". By then, you'll know how.

Thx for reply sir, problem is i dont have the sligtest idea how to code, u have a link i could start from scratch maybe?...
i been trying for 3 days to mess around whit a code i found, but not geting anywhere :confused:

The Arduino IDE is jam-packed with programming examples.

ok great, thx again, i have a look into it..sorry for being such a noob on this, but gotta start somewhere..