Stalker V3 & RX/TX Xbee ?

Dear I'm newbie; in order to Xbee Stalker V3 works, I must use 2 wires (XBEE/TX to DO Stalker; XBEE/RX to D1 Stalker); by seeing schematics Eagle I see connexion exists already, but it's don't work, I don't know why ? Somebody could help me ? Best regards for all. Philippe.

You’ve omitted a lot of details. What kind of XBees do you have? How have you configured them? What is the other XBee connected to? How do you know that “but it’s don’t work”?

dear Paul,
thanks for your email
I’m using S2C module like this:

I have sketch (coordinator <-> End Point) when I omitted to wired (XBEE TX/RX Stalker) to D0/D1 Coordinator see the xbee, but nothing at all, when I’m using wire RX/xbee <-> D1 and TX/Xbee <-> D0 all is allright.
With a multimetre, I’m regarding connexion between RX/xbee and D1 for example no beep, idem pour TX, but there 2 resistors in eagle file, so, I don’t know.
Do you have any idea ?
Bets regards.

Paul, yes I have configured EndPoint to talk with the coordinator, no problem in this side. Philippe.

I'm using S2C module like this:

And duct taping it to the Arduino?

Dear Paul, what do you mean by "And duct taping it to the Arduino?" ? Philippe