Stand alone ATSAM3X8E microcontroller programming


I am trying to develop my project with ATSAM3X8E microcontroller, which is from arduino due.
i have followed arduino due schematic for connection, and i getting proper voltages to every signal pin of microcontroller(as per datasheet).

But when i try to connect with atmel studio (with atmel ice programmer through JTAG) i am getting an error is “could not activate interface the device is in locked or in deep sleep mode”.
I have attached the picture of error.

after that i try to erase the chip by connecting PC0(Erase pin) to 3.3V for more than 220ms. But i am getting same error again.

Can anyone please help me in this case, I am trying to solve this from last one month, and i have try everything but result is same.

Thanks in advance.


Microcintroller Board.pdf (620 KB)

Were you able to connect the Atmel studio to a standard DUE ?

Were there any helpful comments from the Atmel Studio support forum on the issue ?

Yes i am able to connect my arduino due board to atmel studio using atmel ice programmer through JTAG interface.

And there is no helpful comments from atmel that is why i have posted here.

I don't know why you are facing this issue, but your uc board looks very similar to the DUE Core (54 X 58 mm), and this one works: