Stand Alone Boot Loader AND Programmer

Good morning. My son is working on a school project and the AVR ISP process he is currently doing is tedious and frustrating because he has to move back and forth with different cables, codes, etc. So he wants to create a stand alone programmer that does two things:

  • Press button 1 and the boot loader is loaded onto the chip with an LED noting success (like this)
  • But then add: Press button 2 and whatever sketch is on a USB drive (port) will be loaded onto the chip with another LED noting success

We search the internet and could not find such an item and are hoping someone in this group is willing to help. i think the whole process would be excellent for him to see and participate in the entire production cycle from idea to implementation. PM if interested!


Take a look at this, it can bootload and do serial download.
It occupies 2 USB COM ports, so you bootload with one, and then serial download on the other.

I did some testing with it earlier, and wrote about it in the forum.
Free shipping too.

If you need something standalone from a PC, I offer an SD card based programmer that can bootload and also install programs.

thanks for the lead! we will check it out and reach out via the link with more questions.

I am routinely doing just that (often with ATtiny chips) - programming over ISP - but no changing of cables needed: I use a USBAsp programmer, that plugs in to the 6-pin ISP header. Can hardly be easier than that. For debugging a new project I often add an FTDI header to get easy access to the Serial pins, sometimes only Tx.

thanks for the suggestion. I will see what he decides to do. I was personally hoping that this would turn into a design project so he could learn from it, but as long as he meets his end goal...

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