Stand Alone Breadboard Arduino NOOB Question.

Okay here is the primary method that I have tried.

Green wire = MISO (Pin1 on programmer/Pin18 on 328) Red wire = VCC (Pin2 on programmer/Pin7/+5v on 328) Yellow wire = SCK (Pin3 on programmer/Pin19 on 328) White wire = MOSI (Pin4 on programmer/Pin17 on 328) Red wire = RESET (Pin5 on programmer/Pin1 on 328) Black wire = GND (Pin6 on programmer/Pin8/GND on 328) (Sorry only have 5 different color wires)

When I plug in my programmer the power LED comes on and LED on pin 13 blinks which is the program that I have loaded on one of the chips. I have tried a fresh never used 328-P as well and I get the same results. This is really frustrating I wired it one way which was completely wrong and my chip heated up a little bit but it still runs the blink sketch and can be written too so I think it is fine.

Here are some pics:

You seem to have it wired up right, although the photos are a bit blurry.

What steps are you taking to do the programming? Using the IDE? Or avrdude from the command line? If so, what are you typing?

I am just using the arduino software version 0022, then setting my board type Tools>Board>Arduino Uno then going to tools>burn bootloader>w/USBtinyISP. Then that is it. it is the same process that I use to burn my regular store bought Arduino Uno, which I just tested and it worked fine. Should I do it through the command prompt? Where do I get the bootloader hex file and what do I set the fuses to and stuff?

rymanvw: Do I plug in my FT232 chip as well as my USB Tiny?

Your photos appear to show the FT232 board connected as well as USBtinyISP. I would only have one wired up at once.

Sorry I got side tracked for a little bit but I am back on this project. I unplugged the FT232 board and tried it again but i still get the same results. I am out of ideas. Please someone help.