Stand alone Xbee data sensors and newsoftserial

My Solar Battery Monitor will move into the house via a wireless Xbee link. I have been testing how Xbee's work as a stand alone sensor input. I just transmit the A/D conversions to my Arduino Xbee in the house every few seconds or so. I looked at what others have done and the Xbee libraries available and decided to use only newsoftserial for the Xbee/Arduino link and sort out the A/D data in the Xbee RF packet with the Arduino.

It is easy and should work for any simple use of one or more Xbee's transmitting data to a Xbee receiver connected to an Arduino via newsoftserial. This makes it easy to update the Arduino while listening to what your sensors are sending. Once you decide how to configure the transmitter Xbee's ( # of channels to A/D, which ones, etc) the data packets can be grabbed just by counting the input bytes.

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