StandAlone Arduino Mega

Is there a way that i can get an arduino mega to fit on a breadboard? and ultimatley on a custom pcb? i really need more input and outputs on my arduino... and they'r not just in and out, but i need to get data from an sd card and send it to an lcd and an mp3 decoder, could i use mux and demux? or what would be the easiest method?

Why not just run wires from the headers to the bread board?


The only problem with breadboarding it is that the part is only available in surface mount packages and its 100 pins.

So you'd need to find a 100 pin TQFP to pins adapter, like this Won't be DIP for solderless protoboard, you could wire it out to header strips for that if you wanted to - but 50 pins each, so nearly 5" long.

If you didn't need all the capability of the 2560, then look at a 644 instead - available as 40 pin dip. See Sanguino, available at, more info at

That seems perfect for my project! =) i guess it's exactly what im looking for, the sanguino is awsome! =) thank you soo much