Standalone Arduino Zero - ATSAMD21G18 - Bootloading and Uploading Sketches

Hi all!

I have been playing around with the Arduino for quite a while, and I have been developing custom PCBs with the ATmega328p tqfp32 chip. But my recent project uses Bluetooth and takes a lot of ram to store the incoming data. I came across the Arduino Zero with ATSAMD21G18.

I have absolutely no experience in using AVR chips. :confused:

I search for information online, although I can't find much information in how to make a standalone Arduino Zero, I can conclude the following:

  1. For setting it up, I checked out the schematics of the Sparkfun Mini Breakout of SAMD21. I am not very good at reading the schematics. All I need is a very bare set up. Perhaps just the crystal and caps for it to function properly. What are they?
  1. For Bootloading: I will need a Atmel Ice. But I do not know which pins I have to connect to the chip. What are they? Are there any caps or components needed?

  2. Finally for Uploading program, I know there is a built-in USB controller. How can I use it?

Does anyone have experience in using the ATSAMD21G18 standalone? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: