Standalone atmega328p @ 8mhZ sends sensor data from Bluetooth only on reset

Hi I'm encountering a strange problem.. I use HMC5883l and adxl345 in my project. Their SDA SCL are connected together and wired to pin 27,28.. I send the data by Bluetooth hc 05 to phone..I am able to connect the Bluetooth with mobile .. But couldn't see the values.. However if I connect atmega reset pin to gnd , I receive a set of value and then nothing.. I receive values only when I reset it every time I.e by connecting gnd to reset.. Can anyone help me?

Post your code so we can see what you are talking about.
And please use the code button </> so your code looks like this and is easy to copy to a text editor

Also post links to the datasheets for the HMC5883l and adxl345.

It would also be helpful if you make a pencil drawing of the connections and post a photo of the drawing. Please don’t do a Fritzing diagram.