standalone MKR Zero Driver installation for Windows

I would like to give an MKRZero with pre-loaded software to somebody that they can attach to their
Windows 7 PC 64 bit version. This means they will need to install the MKRZero usb serial driver but I
don't want them to have to install the entire IDE just to get the driver.

Is there a standalone driver package out there I can point them to instead? Or are there specific files in
the Arduino/drivers directory I can send them?



The drivers are here:

Perfect. Thankyou!

Bob Tausworthe

You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!

Okay so for Windows 7 I do the following:
copy arduino-samd21.inf/cat to my local system
open CMD as adminstrator
PnPUtil -i -a arduino-samd21.inf

this completes correctly then when I plug in the mkrzero-based board it installs the driver fine.

How do I install for windows 10, however? I tried running the .exe file(s) but it tells me wrong .inf and I
tried the arduino-samd21.inf but that doesn't work either.

Is there another procedure for windows 10?


For Windows 10 there is a VCP COM port built in so no special driver install is required.

Seems like repository contents have changed.

I tried @tozz88 steps, on every .inf file I could find there.
Every .inf file was installed fine, except the one that we actually need, the one that has the "Arduino MKRZero" in it - "arduino-samd.inf".

Installing this one on Windows 7, failed in the command prompt.

Any ideas?