Standalone Programmers are Ready!

Ever needed to program some cards in the field but didn't have access to a laptop? Now you don't need one! We collaborated with Nick Gammon and turned his "Upload Hexfile from SD card" into a full-fledged standalone programmer. Connect up a power source (3xAA battery pack, 5VDC wallwart, 7-12VDC wallwart), select a program and press the Start button.

Three versions available: single file programmer with no display ($41.50) (not pictured); one display programmer supporting up to 16 files ($45.25); two display programmer supporting up to 256 files ($48). Contact me to order one. All boards include a Sandisk 4GB SD card and 6 inch/15cm programming cable. Shipping & paypal fee added to all orders. ($5.35 for US addresses & 4% paypal fee. Outside the US, varies by country)

Read more about them here.