Standalone question

Hi there, after following this tutorial:

i was unable to upload any sketches… is there something i need to know? Like some way to reset the arduino at a certain moment?

Never tried this, but my first thought is asking if the atmega pre-bootloaded?

it is - it is an 168 from a Duemilanove.
The other ‘problem’ might be that i use a prolific USB-Serial adapter, that i stripped from my old wired GPS (4 lines: 5V, GND, the TX and - i think - a RX)

Like some way to reset the arduino at a certain moment?

Yes if you have no auto reset circuit you have to press the reset button just after you click the download icon. There is a nack to getting it right and it usually takes a couple of tries before it works.

thanks for that - gonna add the auto reset once i have a .1uf capacitor…

damn timing stuff…

gonna add the auto reset

You are going to need the DTR serial line for that and I thought you only had 4 wires on your serial interface. :frowning:

i switched to a different one - had a spare USB Serial adapter and a 9pol port ;0)

umm… which one is DTR? According to various pin layouts i have seen this seems to be Pin4 - yet according to the tutorial that is already TX…

9 8 7 6

Solved - its the pin right next to GND and the RX/TX ones