Standalone Temperature Logger using ATtiny85

Hi all,

I've made a simple Standalone Temperature Logger using the ATtiny85 with minimal parts which should be able to run for at least half a year. You can extract the data logged from the internal EEPROM by connecting it up to an Arduino. There are 11 logging delay times available (1min, 5mins, 10mins, 15mins, 30mins, 1hr, 2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs). It can store up to 511 values of temperature.

Pictures, guide to use, code, schematics, PCB designs available here: Standalone Temperature Logger « insideGadgets

I kept track of my development progress in 9 parts starting here showing how I went from the concept to the PCB design and the things I learnt along the way: Building a Standalone Temperature Logger: Part 1 « insideGadgets


Just wanted to tell say that I really liked what you did with the attiny. I've been experimenting with Arduino for approximately a month now and your project really helped me in many ways. Thanks, keep it up!

Looks like something I would enjoy making also and I will have a hundred uses here-Thanks
Its come up as March 2011. Is this right? Did no one comment at the time? Bloody mazing