standalone working but not working properly

Ok i Have sett up a small soldered breadboard and i have the wires and resonator connected and it works but only for about 10-15 minutes.

After that it wont start up again until i use my solder pen and heat up the solder that are connected to the resonator. Then it works fine again for 10-15 mins and now i am thinking WTF how the hell could it be like that?

I even made a new board with another resonator, but exactly the same thing is happening on that to.

What could be wrong? Does this happen often to others?

Using a atmega 328, a ordinary 16MHz resonator and the arduino board as power supply.

Did you wire a pull-up resistor to the reset pin?


yup i did that :confused:

Wild guess here, how far is the resonator from the 328 ?.

It is less that half an inch from the pin to the resonator, 5 mm on the left leg and max 10 mm on the right leg of the resonator.

A resonator rather than a crystal ?. If its a crystal it needs capacitors.

It's a resonator.

I've made several homebrew arduinos with resonators, never had a problem. This is my last effort :

The resonator isn't a pristine example of positioning (the centre pin is awkward to get to Gnd) but it works OK. 2 others I've made have run non stop for several months without issue.

I might have figured out what the problem is. When i measure between the resonator pins with the avr out of the socket i get 200 kOHM. I guess it needs to be closer to infinitive.
I will test it some other day.

okay it seam to work now the problem was that there were a slight connection between the resonator pins somehow. I resolderd a couple of times until my multimeter, witch has a top of 2000 Kohm could no longer sense anything.
So when the resistans between the pins where over 2000Kohm it worked properly.

Images(fucking huge, hi res):

I cant say i am super happy with all the unnecessary solder, but it works so i am glad.