Standard AVR programming software

Dear All I have Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2.1 ( Hardware ) I need to upload Arduino boot loader to my Arduino Uno. What I need standard AVR programming software

I need windows software . Not a command line software
I have PROISP 1.72 But it does not support

Please help
Thanks in advanced

Do you have access to a second Arduino board, even for a short period ?

From the Pololu page on the Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2.1.

Works with standard AVR programming software, including Atmel Studio, AVRDUDE, and the Arduino IDE

And here is the user’s guide for the programmer.

In the Tools menu, find the Programmer menu, and then select Atmel STK500 development board. If you do not see an entry for the STK500, you should update to Arduino 1.6.5 or later.

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Sorry Not available

You are saying you cannot use the IDE Version 1.8.13 or similar in a Win7 or Win10 environment?

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I NEED TO READ Fuse bit too

The Programmer will let you do that. It connects to the ICSP header to access the memory areas directly to make fuse changes.
When you select Sketch:Burn Bootloader, it will change the fuses to the values shown in boards.txt.
For the Uno:


I did it but now it does not update by the USB

Did you do Sketch:Upload Using Programmer, or just Burn Bootloader?
Make sure you select the correct Tools:Port for the Uno, you can’t leave it as the port for the Programmer.

Skcteh can be uploaded using AVR programmer but it does not by USB port of the Arduino uno, Port also showing with ch340g select Arduino uno and programmer AVRISPkm||

Thanks in advanced

You need to burn the boot loader using your programmer if you want to upload directly via USB.

Yes I did it but it doesn’t working via USB