Standard Firmata doesn't work after disconnecting/reconnecting USB cable


I'm using an Arduino 2009 with the StandardFirmata 2.2 firmware, the [arduino] object in Pure Data, and Ubuntu 11.10.

I'm having this issue that I didn't experience in Ubuntu 10.10 (with the same Arduino, same StandardFirmata, same Pd and same version of [arduino]).

If I follow these steps everything works fine: - connect the Arduino's usb cable - upload the StandardFirmata firmware - open Pd and enjoy the Arduino through [arduino] If I do a hardware reset to the Arduino without unplugging the USB cable, everything keeps working as expected

But then if I - close Pd - disconnect and reconnect the Arduino's USB cable - open Pd and try to communicate with the arduino through [arduino]

then the arduino doesn't send nor seem to receive any data. Even a hardware reset does NOT fix the issue.

The only way to have it to work again is to open the Arduino IDE and re-upload the StandardFirmata firmware. Then it will work fine again until the next time I disconnect the USB cable.

Everything used to work fine in Ubuntu 10.10. So I am guessing this is a bug in the FTDI drivers? Or maybe StandardFirmata is not correctly "waiting for everything to be up and running" before it initializes the serial port? (and some change in the way drivers work on the Linux side has made the issue surface)?

Has anybody experienced the same? Is there a workaround? Has anybody been able to track down the issue to its real cause?

thanks m.