StandardFirmata and AS3Glue

I am trying to interface Arduin and Flash by using StandardFirmata. I am using Arduino 21 after I open the file from the examples, upload to my board and open the serial monitor, all I see is



(it actually doesn't look like that has a lot more squares)

When I open AS3 Glue Standalone it just sits at the screen "Connection with Serproxy established. Wait one moment."

So I think my problem might be with Standrd Firmata, but can not find anyone with the same problem.

Which Arduino? Which operating system?

I've got the Duemilanove on Windows XP.

Make sure the baud rates are the same. Try changing to a different baud rate too. I had the same problem and fixed it by trying a different baud rate.

Yeah baud rates are the same, and tried all the rates listed in the serial monitor. What are you using David?