Star network with Xbees Serie 1

Hello peeps

first, english is not my native language so perdon me if i do some mistake.

okay lets see, im doing a control access project with a RFID module, the idea is very simple, i have a coordinator and four end devices.

the coordinator has a Arduino UNO, Xbee shield, Xbee serie 1 and of course the RFID module.

the end devices has a Arduino FIO, xbee serie 1 and a 2 channel relay board.

how it works ??? (at least in my mind)

The user comes validates a card in the coordinator the coordinator send a character for example "A" and a end device recibes the "A" and booom activates the relay board.


Can i do that ? i mean like the picture ? if i can whats is gonna be the configuration for the end devices ??


i have a coordinator and four end devices.

Not if you have Series 1 models.

You can use the XBee library and have one module talk to one other, specific, point-to-point module.

Or, you can have one device broadcast, in AT mode, to all other devices.

You can NOT, however, create a star network, as that implies that some of the XBees are routers, and Series 1 models are NOT routers.

The Hands-on XBEE Lab Manual: Experiments that Teach you XBEE Wirelesss Communications Is a good choice