START AGAIN; Passing nRF24L01 address parameters

I have changed the type of the address parameters to match the new format in TMRh20 RF24.h which is
const uint8_t* address

The code for the handshake-only versions of the code is attached (they are too big even individually for a posting).

Debug output from the master includes

Start 'offerHandshake'
*newData* is >0< and *dataSwapped* is >0<
Acknowledgement data is -1, -1, -1
****Tx failed
After 'offerHandshake'
*newData* is >0< and *dataSwapped* is >0<

The line with the asterisks is the result of the call to radio.write() (master::line 499) returning ‘false’.

I can’t figure out why it does that. Can someone please help here.


shortSlaveBackChat.ino (12.3 KB)

shortMasterBackChat.ino (18.1 KB)