start creating libraries

I'm want to start learning how to create libraries. What is the best editor to write the code? Can I use the arduino IDE for this? Is any better way to edit it and debug the code ?

What is the best editor to write the code?

I use an ascii editor like notepad++ for libraries and have a test application in my IDE. Makes testing realy fast. I can save the lib and start the IDE.

1) think about the interface and get it righ, give the methods good names [do this before implementing the class] 2) Expose as little as possible of the internal workings to the outside.

A class for a temp sensor e.g. an XYZ123 can be named after the sensor it can handle. If the sensor is one from a series you might try to support the whole range of sensors with the same library. (e.g. it uses same protocol/ conversions etc)

What kind of lib are you thinking of?

I want to make a library for a gsm modem Siemens MC35i.I had working for a while with this modem on old school style, writing every AT command when needed. Now I want to build a library to use in some future projects. I know that there is already some libraries done but they not work very well on this modem. Since I had to study the modem to my last project(SMS Remote Controller) building a library for it will be a challenge to me and to test myself. I will use bluefish since I'm using linux then and the IDE to test it.