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I’m sorry for my english

I am installing the stripes LEDs to illuminate my kitchen.
I’m installing 4 LED strips, 2 strips over the top of the kitchen (the furniture is on 2 sides of the room) and 2 other two strips in the midway (?? sopra piano lavoro - sotopensili ? ) to illuminate work surfaces.
That said, I want to make the automatic controlling the lighting, kindling the TOP when someone is present in the kitchen area and when the light is poor.
While in the midway they must lighting only in the presence of activity on work surfaces (or the passage of a hand in front of the PIR).

The LEDs are powered at 12 V and the maximum consumption of a strip (measured with the tester) is 1.6 A

I have an transformer of 12V - 15 A and I have made the following project

I predicted the entry of the transformer (12V) for the management of 4 latching relay at 12V which in turn will feed the LED strips.

I planned to limit the current to 9 V to power of the “ARDUINO UNO REV3” to avoid an excessive dispersion of heat (feeding it to 12V to lower the voltage from 12 to 5 volt operating …) and a 9 V to power 3 PIR.
(1 for the verification of the presence in the room and one for each midway) although the PIR can withstand 12V but since I already have 9 available why not use the same power supply?

I also limited the current at 5V for photoresistor (to manage it as a twilight switch)
I hope I was sufficiently clear
What I wonder is if you can analyze the design and someone tell me any design errors or if you have better ideas

In the future, after the testing, I will publish the sketch
Thanks in advance

Quello che mi chiedo è se è possibile analizzare il progetto e qualcuno mi dica eventuali errori di progettazione o se avete idee migliori

In futuro, dopo la prova, che pubblicherò il disegno


It should be possible to use your schematic and build your project. You don't need a relay to control your led-strip though, you can use transistors as well.

If you control those with the PWM-pins of your arduino using the analogwrite() function, you can dim the led-strips as well.