Start up time Arduino Mini

Hi All,

Actually I am using the Arduino Mini with mini USB board in a simple portable instrument. Reading an IR sensor, controlling a IR LED, connected a 2x16 display and a rotary switch/encoder. Choosen the Mini because of the small size needed in this portable instrument.

Disadvantage in my opinion is the long start-up time, about 8-10 secs. How can I achieve a shorter start-up time? Switch to the MiniPro or Nano ? Or start to strugle with other bootloaders or programming tools ?

Your suggestions will be appreciated!

Best regards, Dries

Yes, both of those are options. Pro Mini I think has the pre-optiboot bootloader with about 1sec delay. Optiboot is even faster. If someone else has working instructions for putting optiboot on a Mini, that would be the easiest solution...

I believe the issue is that the TTL serial interface doesn’t connect to the Reset line. This is why the board has to be reset manually before uploading the software to it. I guess that the bootloader has been programmed with a longer timeout to make the timing of that reset less critical. Other boards with a USB interface that pass the Reset straight through can be reset automatically by the Arduino IDE at the start of the upload. For example, UNOs and Nanos boot almost instantly.