Start with Due

I just got this new Arduino Due. It is my first Arduino! :) Now, out of box and I tried to run the simple famous 'Blink' example. Everything goes fine except that the board does nothing. I tried pressing the 'erase' manually before upload as well. Does anyone can help? Here is the message I get from IDE which seems all right.

Binary sketch size: 9,860 bytes (of a 524,288 byte maximum) - 1% used Erase flash Write 9940 bytes to flash

[ ] 0% (0/39 pages) [======= ] 25% (10/39 pages) [=============== ] 51% (20/39 pages) [======================= ] 76% (30/39 pages) [==============================] 100% (39/39 pages) Verify 9940 bytes of flash

[ ] 0% (0/39 pages) [======= ] 25% (10/39 pages) [=============== ] 51% (20/39 pages) [======================= ] 76% (30/39 pages) [==============================] 100% (39/39 pages) Verify successful Set boot flash true CPU reset.

Are you sure, it’s only a very small LED onboard?

Post the code you’re using, just so we can double check. I know it’s the example, but copy and paste anyway.

Thanks for the reply.

The problem is solved! I found where the led is 8) It is that yellow light next to ON led. I was searching it close to pin 13 :drooling_face: I thought this one is simply something like a heart beat! I shall make a Due for Dummies explaining what is where!

I've got one and all it does nothing but light up.

The green power light is on. The amber light next to green power light is on (not flashing).

Device makes a ringing noise while connected via usb port.

Device is not recognized by windows 7 OS, even though drivers installed.

Reset button does nothing at all.

Is this device broke?

Nothing but light up, have you actually programmed the chip with blink software?

When you say ringing, what do you mean? You say not recognised, which port are you connected to - programming or native?