Started a list of all arduino projects! Need help!

I have started a list of all arduino projects:

I need all your help to fill it up. Please take a few seconds to submit a project link and then I can fill it up much faster. I am working through all the ones on hackaday and I will search this forum after that but any help would make the job much easier! It will benefit everyone when finished as you will know where to find a link to any type of project and you can check how other people did stuff/if it's been done before...

Page of projects and where to submit links: Scroll down to the bottom for the quick submission form!


Mowcius :)

Thanks to all the people who have submitted links so far. This will be on going for some time so whenever you come across a project. Send a link! :)


Very cool. I'll add mine when I've tidied up my site and each project has an permanent link.

Okey dokey. No problem...

I will also add your blog to my blog page :)


Yay! I'm adding a physical hit counter in the next few days - the more links I have the more traffic I get, the more it'll click on :)

Right, I have updated the page so it's got a few more links on it now.

I can see it's going to take a long time but soon it'll be full :)